The New Social Medium of Visual

Social media is now more saturated than ever. If you do anything related to social media you understand how much time it takes to schedule the tweets, update the statuses, refine the pictures, analyze the statistics. There are more platforms now than ever, each has millions of users, and every single one can benefit your business somehow. If you are feeling overwhelmed I have some bad news, let me throw in a couple more platforms. I don’t know whether any of these should be added to an already mix of social media platforms, but there are good reasons to do so.

YouTube, Pinterest, and Vine. See anything in common about the three? Apart from being increasingly popular all three are visual based platforms. YouTube and Vine are specifically video based while Pinterest allows for any image, article, or video to be “pinned” on it for other users to view. Their growth in popularity echoes the already known fact that visual social media posts do much better than text only ones. This is a fact across all the platform.



YouTube has been around since 2005, or what can be described as an eternity in internet years. YouTube has evolved from a platform for sharing smaller videos to now hosting full length movies. YouTube is available on almost every mobile device, gaming station, and now even on TV. The combination of accessibility and ability to keep audiences engaged makes YouTube one of the platforms to make a presence on. The simple ability to demonstrate a product and earn a consumers trust makes YouTube Invaluable.


pinterest-traffic1Pinterest is a fascinating new platform. It is unlike any of the other major platforms that allows users to create “boards” to which users “pin” or attach images, articles, videos, or younger female audience, however more and more men are joining the platform. anything else that can be found on the internet. Users then can browse each other’s boards or simply search by tags or categories. The visual nature of Pinterest and the focus on sharing pins allows Pinterest to have much higher interaction between brands and users, almost double that of Facebook. Pinterest also beats out Facebook and other platforms on engagement, and referral traffic. The one downfall is the demographic of Pinterest consisting of mainly


Vine is a newcomer, a new video sharing app for Twitter. Although a recent newcomer it has been extraordinarily popular. The app focuses on short video clips shared by users that can be directly embedded into Twitter and Facebook. Whether Vine becomes one of the mainstays or gets beat by Instagram video remains unknown. Due to the short length of Vine videos it can never hurt to jump in early and build a name on a fast growing platform.

Things To Think About

1. Will Vine become a prominent platform or is it just a fad?

2. How can Pinterest evolve to draw a wider demographic?

3. Will YouTube be the permanent leader in video sharing?


7 thoughts on “The New Social Medium of Visual

  1. I personally think that Vine will be a fad. I thing that the short videos are great, but there is only so much you can do to get your message across or show a brand image in a few seconds. I also think that there are so many other social media site that are more important for brands to be on than Vine. I definitely think it is a cool tool and I know a lot of friends and family that love it, but for brand and business purposes, I don’t see it being a top social media site. Just my opinion!

    • Casey,

      I believe that Vine is a fad also. Maybe it will somehow stick around but I don’t see any special advantages that it has apart from being the new cool kid on the block.

  2. Hey Janis,
    I think Vine will maintain a prominent platform, but I don’t see it succeeding Instagram. I still have found Instagram just as beneficial as I do Vine. I understand the benefits of Vine in relation to a business standpoint and I feel it has enough of a following to stay a prominent platform.
    Pinterest can evolve by allowing more interaction. I understand the whole idea of “pins” and it is amazing, but people still need to see better communication on the platform. It is extremely successful and is only increasing in popularity, and I feel they will make adjustments to keep things current. It’s a great platform though, and amazing concept.
    I feel YouTube will be the permanent leader in video sharing because of its popularity. Whenever I look for a video online, YouTube is the first place I go. The ease of the platform as well as the way in which social media has been integrated into it, makes it a dominant video sharing tool.
    I enjoyed your post.

    • Gavin,

      I would like to see Vine evolve, I feel like the short videos will not cut it in the long run. It is to easy for another service to simply add a similar feature to compete with Vine. Pinterest does need more interaction, I am just now sure how that can be achieved.

  3. I agree with Gavin, I don’t see any video-sharing site surpassing YouTube. Just like Google, I now use YouTube as a verb. Anytime I want to watch any sort of video, I go “YouTube it!” Everyone knows about the site, and it’s easy to use and share videos, so I think people will stick with it.

  4. I think Vine will be around for a long time…but more for personal consumption that for business.

    Pinterest has a lot of potential, I love it for both professional and personal use. I plan to help grow the USPS Pinterest page. I was surprised to see we already show up there but I don’t think its an official page.

    You Tube seems like it’s here to stay, you can find just about anything you need there and its become my search engine of choice.

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